Types of Clothing Brands

There exist different types of clothing brands. Some of these clothing brands are; Underwear brands which deals with a large variety of products including boxers, jockstraps and other clothing both for men and women. We also have sportswear brands mainly dealing with clothing used in sporting activities. This clothing brand is so wide since we have so many sporting activities in the world. There are swimming costumes, football jerseys, athletes wear just to name a few. Shoe brands is another major clothing brand that covers people from all walks of life. Under this clothing brand, we can have sportsmen, employees, and much more. In fact, we can generally say that everybody is under this clothing brand. There are different types of shoes; we can have office shoes, sports shoes etc. There is also the children’s’ clothing brand dealing in clothing worn by children. To sum up, there are many clothing brands worldwide.Hugo Boss is a fashion house based in Metzingen, Germany. The company’s name is actually the founder’s name. During the world war, II was when it was intense in its business activities and it was the supplier of uniforms for the Nazi party organizations. After the war, the business then started to deal with men and women’s suits, children clothing and it has almost 1200 retail stores located in different parts of the world.Hugo Boss has two main brands i.e Boss and Hugo whose ranges are;-BOSS that includes both men and women’s wear.-BOSS Orange which was relaunched in 2010 as denim based casual wear.-Boss Green golf-style clothing for both sexes and HUGO for both sexes too.Hugo Boss has also recently entered into agreements with Movado to make watches and Safilo for sunglasses. It has also had agreements with Huawei, HTC, and Samsung in mobile phone business hence becoming magnificent.